Quick and Easy Recipe

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that I use to make a clean tasting iced tea when I’m at the office. You’ll need a your a few tea bags and a honey lemon mix. Manuka honey has great health benefits such as anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

1) Place 3 tea bags inside a cup (preferably large cup). Pour about half a cup (about 125 ml) of hot water inside and wait until the water cools down a bit. This will likely take more than 15 minutes depending on how heat conducting the cup is.  Allow tea bags to steep until water is close to room temperature.

2) Fill the cup up ice cubes and stir to produce an arctic cold tea.  You will need either need a very large cup or jug for this step.

3) Add a 3-4 table spoons of concentrated Manuka honey and lemon mix. Amount depends on desired sweetness.  Note that because heat can destroy the special health properties of Manuka honey, it is important not to mix honey with boiling water.

HK Style

One of the most richest types of iced tea comes from Hong Kong. It’s usually made by combining several types of tea leaves with Lipton. A basic version of this can be made at home by:

1)  Take three (or more depending on desired strength) tea bags. Recommend Lipton yellow label and Rickshaw together.
2) Add a cup of boiling hot water and let it brew for until tea cools to a comfortable temperature.  This should take at least 15 minutes.
3) Slice up 3-5 slices of fresh juicy lemon and place them in a large glass.  You can use concentrated lemon juice from the grocery store as a substituted if lemons are not on hand.
4) Mush up the lemon at the bottom of the glass to release the lemon flavor.
5) Add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar syrup.  Amount depends on desired sweetness.  Refined white sugar can be used as substituted.
6) Take a very large cup or jug and mix tea with 1 cup of ice cubes.
7) Enjoy the rich tasting HK style tea.

Top 5 Iced Teas

I’m a MASSIVE fan of iced teas. In this case MASSIVE == big enough to create a whole entire site dedicated to iced teas. Thought I would kick this site off with my top 5 list of iced teas

1) HK Style Iced Teas in traditional Hong Kong cafes. The reason this is number 1 is because of it’s rich strong tea flavour. No bottled tea can compare to this strong brewed tea with fresh lemon slices

2) Snapple lemon Iced tea. Compared to other bottled teas this has a relatively strong tea and lemon flavour.

3) Sobe iced green tea – great clean tasting drink. This has a been a favorite since my university days. Sobe produces many varieties of teas with health supplements such as ginko biloba in their green tea

4) Arizona. Tea tastes authentic and rich.

5) Sweet Leaf – this is the choice for you if you are into certified orgainic